Jour 16: Red Ned par James Kirk

Hidely-Ho, Neighborino! For Day 16 @JamesKirk is peaking his mustache over the hedge to offer us some tasty Flanders Red. Stupid sexy Flanders…

Hidely-Ho, Neighborino ! Pour le 16e jour, @JamesKirk passe sa moustache par-dessus la haie pour nous offrir un savoureux Flanders Red. Ah ce Flanders bête et séduisant…

I wanted to mention, since I was only able to bottle 21 of these, there are two people who are getting a commercial beer instead: Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour. This is sold from a restaurant/bar in Philadelpha but brewed and bottled by Van Steenberge in Belgium. As far as I know It’s the same as their BIOS Vlaamse Bourgogne. So if you got one of those, feel free to chime in with feedback on that one as well!

I am one of the lucky one who got the monk’s cafe.
I use the word lucky, because since I taste our calendar with Pat, we could taste both the Red Ned and the Monk’s Cafe.

A little background first, i think i don t have the chance to have a Flanders red often enough. My first experience i had was with @Vincent_Roy, and honestly, it was not my bag… It was a Rodenbach Grand cru for the record.
But this thing grew on me, and now if I have a chance to see one, I can t help anymore but to buy !

So, Red Ned first: loved it, liked the horse sweat that i usually find in Brett beers, a lot, Fruity and warm alcohol finish were definitely right to my taste.
Grats! GREAT beer!

The Monk’s Cafe now…
This is a discovery to me. First time i see it. Honestly, I was not too excited that it was not homebrewed…
But DAMN, did I hit something!!
This. ale. Is. Great.
Its balance between sweetness, sourness, fruityness.
Reminded me of Sparkling rosé, festive, effervescent, thanks for sharing this.

Happy tasting!

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James, I really liked your Flanders Red Ale. I consider myself lucky because I did not get a commercial beer! Beautiful colour and clarity, long lasting head, great aroma. I smell and taste the Brettanomyces.
I have only had one Flanders Red Ale before, that one was teeth-dissolvingly sour (sampled at the Montreal Beer Festival many years ago, brewed by Greg Noonan). I prefer yours.

This is great, James, thanks for sharing. Getting a lot of cherry on the nose and the sourness is within the range I enjoy. Did you add oak, and if so, how?

Dude, 500ml of a kickass Flanders Red. That’s not an advent calendar beer, that a christmas gift!

It’s really nice! Great sourness, just enough to be there but not destroy the tastes buds. Malty, fresh, lemony

Please share how to fermeted it!

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What a delightful sunday beer. I drink a lot of Flanders reds and from first sniff to after taste was it. Light on the acidity side, I had a fruit (cherry?) brett character and sweet malt notes.
Thanks for the beer!

Curious what bugs you used. The yummy brett character was staying on mind. Too bad that was the last of your bottles, it would be nice to see it age.

Contrary to Albert, it was one of the few Flanders Red ale I had in my life. It will therefore be difficult for me to compare with classics to the style, but man… this was delicious. For some reason, I was expecting something more sour, but it was perfectly balanced, the acidity was restraint and thank god, no THP flavour! Beautiful beer with a nice malty and fruity touch.

Along with Albert’s beer, your Flanders Red stole the show of my (beer) weekend.

I am also curious to see what was the recipe for this beer.

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Same! Haha

I had never considered brewing one, but your beer definitely brought up the idea in my mind

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! I’m actually relieved - this beer was entered into MALT and got a whopping score of 18! I suspect contamination crept in, but regardless, it goes to show what a little more time can do with a beer like this.

For those asking, here’s the recipe:

I pitched the Escarpment Belgian Sour blend. Aged in a carboy for 9 months in a closet. And yes, Marc, I did add oak! Toasted American oak cubes, boiled and added after aging into the keg, then bottled when it reached the desired oakiness.

I’m glad it came out enjoyable in the end!


Tasted this Flanders Red last night, without much prior experience, except with Roddenbach. I got a lot of funk on the nose! Subtle sourness, quite easy to drink and refreshing. Fun experience thanks James!

Enjoyed this very much tonight. Shared it with my wife, who also really liked it. I did not know what to expect. It was a super clear, very red, sour but not too sour. Nicely carbed and pleaseantly toasty. Thanks James!

Grosse mousse épaisse, blanc/orange qui persiste.
couleur rouge, orange, parfaitement clair.
Au nez : levure sauvage, difficile a dire le reste.
Au gout :gout sèche, légèrement acide, qui disparait rapidement pour laisser des arômes de malt caramel et de cerise. Finale un peu alcoolique, voir boisé Carbonatation faible/medium.

ce n’est pas mon style de bière, mais je trouve ca bien. j’apprécie son côté sèche et « cerise ». L’apparence de la bière est géniale.