Jour 11: You know, for kids par Marc Guay

Nous voici maintenant lundi le 11 décembre et une petite pause de produits alcoolisés est probablement la bienvenue. @MarcGuay nous offre donc une eau de kéfir houblonnée qui devrait mettre du bonheur dans vos intestins avec toutes ces bactéries Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus et Leuconostoc, et ces levures Saccharomyces, Candida et Kloeckera (et peut-être même plusieurs autres!). Le brasseur audacieux nous offre ici une twist originale du produit en y ajoutant quelques grammes de houblon. Bien curieux de voir ce que ça donnera!

N’hésitez pas à partager vos commentaires (constructifs) sur la dégustation ou sur le design de l’étiquette, ici ou en privé avec @MarcGuay!

Now it’s Monday, December 11, and a little break from alcoholic beverages is probably welcome. @MarcGuay is offering us a hopped kefir water (aka tibicos) that should bring happiness to your intestines with all those Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus, and Leuconostoc bacteria, and those Saccharomyces, Candida, and Kloeckera yeasts (and maybe even several others!). The brewer is giving us an original twist on the product by adding a few grams of hops. Very curious to see how it turns out!

Feel free to share your (constructive) comments on the tasting or the label design, either here or privately with @MarcGuay!


Thanks for the intro, Norm. I’m surprised you didn’t uncover the beer name being stolen from the Coen brothers film The Hudsucker Proxy. :slight_smile:

My bottle gushed a little bit so I suggest you open it over a sink!

Cheers, Marc.

So tonight new experimentation! Hoppy keffir water. Little geyser out of my bottle, there is definately life in there! Dark orange with a light haze, very nice active foam. Aroma with slight acidity and something floral (dandelion?). On the palate, rustic softness on the tongue, until the huge hop blast (which hops did you use?)!!! Extremely interesting and satisfying gustatory experience Marc, thanks!

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Happy to hear you enjoyed it! I dry hopped 40g Rakau and 20g Taiheke in a 14L batch during primary fermentation (which was only one day). It’s interesting that yours was dark orange, mine was very, very pale yellow/green and that’s what I recall when bottling… I’m actually starting to wonder if you got the right bottle, was it a 500ml brown plastic with a white cap that said “keep cold” on it? I think the labels may have come off, it was my first time trying the milk-as-glue method.

Yep it was the right bottle! Maybe I saw it more orangey because of the light in the kitchen!

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I was affraid of a geyser because I didn’t put it in the fridge until a few days ago, but all fine! Mine is almost white.

It’s an interesting drink, packing some flavor even if it’s quite watery.

On the nose I have a little “kombucha twang”, which I am usually not a big fan of.

Can’t say that’s it’s really my cup of tea, but it look like it’s well made for someone into this type of drink

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Tried this last night. My bottle was carbonated just right, but I had it in the fridge the whole time. Color very pale straw. Smell quite sweet, reminds me of smell from spent grains. Well balanced with the bitter.

Not sure how many probiotics in there, I gave some to my wife but she refused to belly dance like the Activia commercials.

An interesting beverage that I’m happy I had the chance to try. Thanks for sharing!

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What an interesting drink you made Marc! I left mine in the garage until Sunday where the temperature oscilated between 5 and 10°C. It barely gushed but I was prepared so I did not lose any.

Cheesy/musty aroma (even spent grains, like Riccardo said) with a light body. It was quite bitter for me and the colour was far from pale straw though. It was more orangy/red walnut.

Thank you Marc for introducing me to kefir water. It is always nice to try new things!

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Wow, the orange colour is so strange. I guess some of the bottles oxidized or went through some other transformation and some did not. The advent swap really illustrates how difficult it is to control what ends up in the glass when there’s a distribution chain in the middle.

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That’s exactly the orange color I had as well!, and my bottle was left in the fridge from the get go. I’m very sensitive to oxydation, and I didn’t taste any in the drink, so it’s probably a microbiological miracle that lead to that color!

My bottle was very pale as well.

It wasn’t a good idea to drink a Kölsch before. It messed with my taste buds. Perceived bitterness was very low and I tasted pears.

I enjoyed the drink very much. Thanks a lot Marc!

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Wow! Did we get the same thing?

Merci Marc de cette expérience, moi non plus ce n’est pas mon dada, mais je suis content de la découverte. Moi aussi j’ai eu un geyser, j’avais pas lu les commentaires. La mienne, la couleur est entre les 2.

Belle Job

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I wasn’t kidding, very strange phenomenon. 1 fermenter, all new bottles.

Here is the beast. Only 24h in the fridge, pretty expressive bacterias in there. Now I know how a hopped yogourt could possibly taste, it was pretty much bitter. I would be curious to taste it without hops or only with a light dry hop (or Teamaker?). @MarcGuay how did you use hops?

Thanks for the experience.

Haha, that’s a ton of foam and seems to be leaning towards the orange end of the spectrum. The process was:

  • Mix 1L of plain water kefir (cane sugar + water kefir grains) as a starter, let ferment 24hrs
  • Mix 13L of water with 420ml of cane sugar in fermenter
  • Separate the grains from the starter liquid, then add the liquid and 60g of hops in a hop cannister/filter, to the fermenter
  • Ferment 24hrs
  • Bottle

It was super bitter, very NZ-hop aromatic, and looked like Ian’s photo when I bottled it.

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My bottle looked just like IanCB’s. I liked it but then I gave my wife a sip and she didn’t want to give it back so I went and got something else.

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Beaucoup de backlog! je suis pris avec solide sinusite depuis une semaine. Je sens que mon odorat s’améliore alors let’s go !

Blanc clair, ça me fait pensé à du “Fresca”. Mousse vigoureuse qui disparait presque instantanément.
Au nez, rien de perceptible, semblable a une eau pétillante.
Au goût, crème soda, orange, vanille. Carbonatation medium.
Aucune perception d’alcool.

Je ne sais pas c’est quoi, mais je trouve ça super bon !
C’est entre une eau pétillante, une boisson gazeuse et shelzter. J’aime particulièrement le goût crème soda, orange. Très intéressant et délicieux comme breuvage.

Thanks Marc !

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Moi aussi je l’ai finalement goûté et aimé. Je sais pas comment le décrire honnêtement, mais c’était bon. “Fresca” is definitely a component of what I picked up. Thanks, Marc!

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La mienne etait claire, non-gazé. Fascinant de voir la différence de chacun