Jockey Box rentals?

Hi everyone! I’m looking to rent a jockey box the weekend of July 29th. Does anyone have one they’d be interested in renting out? I will reach out to Mout and some other places, but figured there was a chance someone had one collecting (hopefully not too much) dust. Cheers!

Depending on how many kegs you’re intending to serve, I have a system I put together that isn’t a jockey box exactly. I sit my kegs in ice water and have taps on a stand that people can serve directly from. Up to 3 beers. I usually tape up a sheet of paper above the taps with the labels of what’s on tap.
Here’s what it looks like:

It’s available end of July if you think this will suit your needs.

Kahnawake Brewing has one or two we can rent out, depending if it’s already in use or not. Shoot an email to if you’re interested.

Thanks, Kurt! This would be perfect, though I’m going to guess it’s set up for corny kegs? I’m getting commercial kegs (Sanke D coupler) which might take this off the table …

Thanks, will do!

Normally, but if need be, I can change the end of hose fittings to suit Sankes and I happen to have two sanke couplers if that helps. Feel free to DM me, we can see if my setup is more hassle than just renting a jockey box that’s ready to go.