iSpindel Leak

Performed my first spunding and cold crash with my iSpindel in my primary. When I pulled it out there was liquid inside the tube. Turned it off and let the electronics dry.

Is this a known problem? Anything that can be done to prevent it? Does the TILT have the same problem?

Maybe put a bit of teflon tape around the threads at the top of the tube? Test it again in a glass of water for a few days.

I’m not sure how well it can handle pressure, or depressurization. Did you keep applying pressure in your fermenter when you cold crashed?

I’ve fermented a cold IPA under 15 psi and no liquid got in my iSpindel. But I also applied 15 psi with CO2 when I cold crashed.

I thought about it but was worried it might affect the calibration. I guess the weight would be negligible.

I did not have constant pressure on during cold crash. I pressurized using a blow-tie and then let the pressure drop as I cold crashed.

I had the same issue with mine. I am not going to use them anymore…

I will try the Rapt Pill next time. The casing looks better imo (o-ring).

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I haven’t had any issues with mine. Considering how the tube is made I would check the following:

  1. Was the top screwed on tightly?
  2. Was the bottom of the PCB filled down enough? If it is too long, it won’t let the top make a tight fit.

Got lot of reading problem with the TILT but never a leak, condensation build up sometime inside.

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used it quite a few times. First time I used under pressure though. Maybe the lid is getting tired.

Same as Pat, I have some problem with values from my Tilt, like no values sent during high krausen for example (like right now!), but no leak yet.