Invité spécial au mensuel MontreAlers de février / Special Guest Speaker at the February MontreAlers Monthly

[English below]
Ce mois-ci, notre invité spécial sera Patrick Sylvestre de Bières Tamarac Inc ! C’est un MontreAler qui possède une vaste expérience dans l’industrie brassicole. Il est également l’homme responsable du délicieux Doppelbock de l’échange de Noël de cette année.

Il parlera de son parcours de homebrewing à pro, de son expérience à L’Espace Public, des Trois Brasseurs, de la création de Trois Lacs à Vaudreuil, de son emploi à Silo Montréal et de la façon dont il a démarré son entreprise sans gros investissement en marketing.

La réunion est en ligne (lien en bas) jeudi 24 février à 20h00.

La présentation sera principalement en français, mais il répondra aux questions dans les deux langues.

Et un tease pour les mois à venir…

This month our special guest will be Patrick Sylvestre of Bières Tamarac Inc.! He is a MontreAler with a vast array of experience in the brewing industry. He is also the man responsible for the delicious Doppelbock in this year’s Christmas exchange.

He’ll be speaking about his journey from homebrewing to pro, his experience at L’Espace Public, Les Trois Brasseurs, creating Trois Lacs at Vaudreuil, his job at Silo Montreal and how he started his company without big investment in marketing.

The meeting is online (link at bottom) Thursday, February 24th at 20h00.

The presentation will be primarily in French, but he will take questions in both languages.

The link to the event is here:
Le lien vers l’événement est ici :

And a tease for future months…

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This is great, I’m looking forward to it and thanks to everyone who’s organizing these. A question, though: I miss the informal shit-talking sessions - what becomes of them?

You have to stick around after the “formal” presentation :wink:

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Reminder to everyone that this is tonight!

@Patrick Thanks for sharing your story last night. I took a look at your Instagram and the look of your new cans is really nice, I think it communicates your philosophy better than the older ones and will stand out more on the shelves. Good luck with your project!

Thanks Marc !

Thanks to all of you guys for yesterday. It was very interessting to introduce myself and my company , speak about brewing skills and share a couple of pint together ! I’ll come back in a next meeting just for fun if you want !

You can see my instagram @bièrestamarac, Facebook @BièresTamarac and my website https://biè that is not super up to date.
Do not hesitate to share a comment, an impression or just a little word on my page ! !

Cheers ! :beers: