Hot-Side Equipment for Sale


I’m selling most of my hot-side equipment. No, I’m not getting out of brewing, just changing to a new electric brewing setup, and as such, looking to offload my current propane-based system. Below are the details on what I am selling (with the price I paid included in brackets beside it). All the equipment has been purchased between 2012 and last month, and is in perfect working condition; I brewed on it twice just last month.

  • Kettles

    • 8 gal Bayou Classic ($278)
      • Whirlpool Port ($36)
    • 15 gal OBK ($182)
      • Sight gauge ($52)
      • Whirlpool port ($36)
  • MLT

    • SS Brewtech Mash Tun - 10 gal ($375)
    • Bulkhead for Mash Tun/Kettle Re-Circ + Vorlauf Attachment ($68)
  • Burners

    • 2 x Bayou SQ14 ($320; $160 each)
  • Pump

    • March Pump 809-PL-HS-C ($170)
  • Chillers

    • Jaded Brewing- The Hydra Copper Immersion Chiller ($309)
    • Duda Diesel B3-23A-20ST (20 Plate Wort Chiller) - Garden Hose x 1/2" Male NPT (12 1/4") plate chiller ($136)

Total Paid: $1,792

The system is all Camlock based, and so you will find Camlock fittings on all the kettle/hlt/mlt ports and on the silicone hoses (that are included).

Also included is a Coleman cooler that I used as a MLT before switching to the SS Brewtech MLT, and a Brew Bag for it (should you want to use as MLT again).

Also included are 2 x 5 gallon glass carboys. If you want the brew stand, yours for the taking.

What am I asking? I will consider any reasonable offer. If you’re interested, or know of someone who might be, don’t hesitate to contact me. I prefer to offload this system together rather than breaking it up.

Photos at the following link: