Hop Spider for Brewzilla

Can anyone recommend a hop spider for use with a Brewzilla? I make 3 gallon batches so it has to hang low in the kettle.

Anyone using a pump screen instead?

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I’m using this one for my grainfather and it’s close to the bottom.
6"x14" Kettle Hop Filter (ontariobeerkegs.com)

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I have a hop spider the same dimensions as the one Eric posted. I’m not using it and am willing to sell it if you’re interested. When I used it, I ran a wire across my kettle to make sure it hung at the right height. Let me know.

Thanks. I think 14 will put me just under the 10L mark of the kettle though. I imagine with the Grainfather you are not using an immersion cooling so you don’t have to worry about interference ?

Thanks Kurt. I’ll have to think of a way to hang it lower first and not get in the way of my immersion coil

Correct… I didn’t think of that with the Brewzilla