Hop pellets for sale


There’s a local hop grower out my way (Kaiser Grover Hop Yard) who is has the following varieties for sale right now:
Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Triple Pearl, Ultra, Rakau, Nugget, Columbia, Glacier and Hallertau.

The grower uses no herbicides since their weed control is strictly done with flamethrower and steam, and to reduce the volume of fungicide, they are moving to drone application.

They are partners with Wood Brothers here in North Glengarry and Tuque de Broue in Embrun Ontario.

Most of what they have right now is from 2021 and if what you want is from 2020, the price will be cheaper.

They make their own pellets and presently have some bags that around 1lb and possibly some really small bags of 50-70g. I’m dealing with the grower directly and he’s super busy and not very quick on email, so it’s not easy getting info from him in a timely manner.

We’re looking at anywhere from $10, $12 or $15 per pound depending on quantity and crop year. This might also be a good resource for the 2022 crop since he’s growing more than he needs for his two partners.

I don’t know yet how willing he is to package individually into smaller packages but it won’t hurt to ask. In fact, I’m going to ask him if he would be able to do something like 6 x 150g, 3 x 250g and 2 x 445g of one specific hop; and then 5 x 50g, 2 x100g, 1 x 500g of another specific hop. I want to make this easy for him and for us to buy.

For now, you can show your interest here: Kaiser Grover Hop Yard Buy - Google Sheets and I can update once I get an answer back from him about package size.



Thanks, Denis! I’m in to try a few varieties. By any chance, have you had a chance to use their products in any of your batches?

Unfortunately not. I always presumed that all their production was destined to Wood Brothers who brew some VERY hoppy beers. It was news to me that they also supply Tuque de Broue with hops and even a bigger surprise when I found out he wanted to sell to me.


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