Hop Creep Sutdy

Here’s a pretty interesting study on hop creep from dry hopping. Might be a bit too geeky for some but for others, you may find it very interesting.Dry Hop Creep Study.pdf (2.2 MB)


Très intéressant. Ce passage résume bien l’idée générale:

There is evidence that hops contain enzymes that enzymatically alter the composition of beer during dry- hopping, contributing to the hydrolysis of the aforementioned unfermentable dextrins into fermentable sugars [4,18–21]. In the presence of live yeast, the newly present fermentable sugars can lead to an over-attenuation of the beer, which is commonly referred to by
brewers as “hop creep.”

There was also a bru-lab podcast summarizing another paper that looked into the hop creep potential of different hop varieties (bru-lab episode 8).