Homebrew garage sale?

Hey all,

A while back I had agreed to help organise a garage sale for our unwanted gear. We can aim for a saturday or sunday in June, select a nearby park and make a picnik day of it.
There are some logistic questions I’m pondering. Some things are bigger than others making them more annoying to drag out of the house if there isn’t a known buyer already. Maybe this is a tailgate party instead?
Can I get an indication from people who’d like to participate (ie. you have stuff to sell) and who’d like to participate because they’re looking for upgrades? Or just people that are looking for an excuse to trade beers.
Suggestions welcome.

I have a few extra articles to sell. I was hoping for a bigger setup when I moved, but I don’t have as much room as I had hoped.

I have stuff to sell, I would be interested.

Yah, I’d be interested as well. For it to be a success, I’d think we’d need to promote it extensively due to the niche nature of the sale.

Depending on timing and location, I might be able to lug a bunch of stuff over. But as someone else suggested, unless we get a fair amount of traffic (shopper wise) we may have to lug a lot of stuff back home.

Among the stuff I have are an old March pump, some ¾” 4 piece ball valves, a Blichmaan plate chiller, Sanke kegs, some SS coils, and a whole lot of other little bits and pieces I’ve lost track of over the years. It would take me a couple of days to just amass it all, catalogue it and figure out a reasonable price to put on everything. But it would sure feel good to see some of this stuff go to a good home! :slight_smile:


Maybe LABAQ would want to participate? A co-organized garage sale?
Any of the execs have contacts there?

Anyone knows if Sylvain Chaumont is still LABAQ’s president?

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