Group Buy: O-Rings

I just want to gauge everyone’s interest in doing a group buy for o-rings. If there is enough interest we could get ballock keg o-rings at ~3-3.50 a set. (2x post (gas as silicone), 2x dip tube, 1x lid). I have not yet looked at pinlock, bt would assume about the same. Any interest?

I’d be down for a set or two.

Bonsoir, si vous êtes prêts à attendre un peu, une petite recherche sur Aliexpress et vous avez un kit pour 2.07$ tout inclus. 60 jours de livraison. (vous pouvez payer en $CAD ou $US)

Bon magasinage :smiley:

I seem to remember a long time ago that oversized rings were available for Cornelius keg lids. Not oversized in terms of the O but in terms of the thickness of the material making a better seal at lower pressures.

Keep in mind that these kegs were designed for Pepsi, not homebrew. Pepsi kegs were under 60+psi which made the lids seal very well; working at 10psi is an issue for older O rings. In fact, on most of my kegs, I use two O rings for that purpose.

If I knew for a fact that we were getting larger, softer O rings I would be in for several.


Semi off topic, but if someone is looking for [211 (for 1/2 coupling)](211 Silicone O-Ring, 70A… or [217 (for heat element installation)](217 Silicone O-Ring, 70A… o-rings, I have a ton left that I won’t use since I moved to silver soldered fittings.

I’d be in for a few sets (10?). You can never have enough in my opinion and it’s just good cheap insurance against keg leaks.

I would be interested in getting a set

Looks like I have interest for about ~13 sets, a far cry from the 50 I would need it make it worthwhile. We could go the Aliexpress route, but for so few I guess we’re each on our own.

Just an update. I found a website where I can get 50 sets for about $1.50 a set shipping included (need to order 50 sets). At this price is there any additional interest?

Sure at the price, I might buy $15 worth! :slight_smile:

Yah I’d totally be down for 5 sets or so! Count me in.

I’ll setup a spreadsheet tomorrow to track interest/orders.

I would take 10

Hi All,

I setup an order form. Please fill it out to confirm your order.

Looks like I have got more than enough interest to proceed with a group buy.

If getting some o-rings for your kegs is of interest and you have not filled in the form, please do so before January 18th when I place the order.

Last call, I will be placing the order tomorrow.