Group Buy: Foam Control and Clarifier

During our May monthly meeting I said I would look into doing a group buy for Fermcap S and Biofine Clear. Unfortunately it does not look like I can get these in a decent time frame or at a decent price.

However, I did find some alternatives:

Both products are available in 5 KG sizes for about $100 each. I would divide it up into mason jars or other container that you wish to provide. Please let me know if you are interested. If tehre is enough interest I will start a sign up sheet.


Hey Mike,

I’d be interested in trying the clarifier. I’ve been complaining recently about sediment in my kegs. Maybe it’s time to actually do something about it.



I am interested,

I got some Fermcap S 1 oz from OBK, but I think it will last me a long time…

Protosol, does it compare to Irish Moss and Whirlfloc, or is it more like Gelatin?


I did the maths for the lazy ones:


The optimum treatment rate for Foamsol depends on beer type, vessel dimension, and point of application but is typically in the range 2–10 ml per hectolitre.

That corresponds to 0.4–2.0 ml per batch of 20 litres (~5 gallons). A typical Mason jar fits around 450 ml, so this will be good for 225 to 1125 batches of 20 litres, or pretty much almost a lifetime!


Protosol is typically added to beer at rates in the range 20–200ml/hl. The level of solids in the beer will determine the required addition rate.

That corresponds to 4–40 ml per batch of 20 litres (~5 gallons), or enough for 11 to 111 batches.


@Rejeanc Protosol is meant to go into the secondary or keg to clarify the beer.

@Norm Nice maths. A long while ago Chris gave me a mason jar of antifoam (not sure which though, they all have the same active ingredients) and its starting to run low. I just dip a teaspoon in to coat it (probably a bit much, but gets the job done) and then add it to my kettle to avoid boil overs. Since I started doing this I don’t have to it as closely as I wait for it to come to a boil.

@kurthoughton I guess it would depend on how much you brew. With the dosing I mentioned above, this jar has lasted me three years or so, but in that time I have brewed ~100 batches.

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Great I am in for Protosol!


Quelle seraient les avantages du protosol vs la gelatine? J’utilise la gelatine surtout en été vu que je n’ai pas de chambre de fermentation. A l’hiver, jai ma chambre froide a 0c, lagering naturel (6 semaines) et ca sort clair

Et moi j’ai toujours utilisé de la carraghénane (Irish Moss) depuis le début. Ce n’est pas cher, facile à utiliser et ça fait la job!