Grainfather vs. Robobrew/BrewZilla

Hi guys, I’m already fully equipped with electrically converted kegs on my end but I’m on the fence with what gear to recommend to a colleague that wants to start out with an all-in-one system like the Robobrew and Grainfather.
He has very limited storage space since he is in a condo and can’t really do 220V.
I have been reading on both products and find it a bit hard to justify the extra cost of the Grainfather.
I have watched a few videos from and even then I find him a bit biased towards the Grainfather (maybe just my feeling).

The last video here shows a few parts from the Robobrew that he is recommending as hacks to complement the Grainfather (false bottom, recirculation arm with tri-clamp, immersion chiller).

I don’t want to call bull**** on him but is the Robobrew really subject to rust at the welding points and controllers failing?

Thanks for the feedback guys and gals.
Pier-André aka Johnny911

Il y a de bons commentaires ici de la part d’@ericpare.

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J’ai lu qu’il y avait pas mal de problème avec le contrôleur version 3.1 du Brewzilla qui ont été corrigé dans la version 3.1.1. Il ne semble pas y avoir de problème avec cette nouvelle version…

La qualité du grainfather est certainement meilleure et la garantie 3 ans c’est un gros plus. En spécial ça peut valoir la peine. Par contre, les hack avec les pièces de brewzilla et c’est un turn off. Il vaut déjà plus cher, il devrait avoir ces accessoires la. Je pense aussi que Fitz est biaisé sur le Grainfather.

Le brewzilla fait la job même si plus cheap. J’ai un brewzilla 35L et un 65L et les deux fonctionnent numéro 1 (45 brasses total environ en 15 mois). Aucun problème, aucune rouille, seulement les couvercles qui ferment pas bien mais who cares

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Les 2, ce sont des bonnes machines. Certains aiment le counter-flow chiller (Grainfather) d’autre le immersion chiller (Robobrew). Price-wise, sure, go with the Robobrew.

I can’t speak much to the RoboBrew, but I’ll second Eric’s comment from the other thread; I have had my Grainfather for about 3.5 years, and it has worked amazing well the entire time. Just over a month ago, the heating element cord fused to the control box and stopped heating. I contacted the main company asking for tips on repairing it because I was beyond the 3 yr warranty. Instead they gave me the go-ahead to contact the original retailer (Toronto Brewing) for a replacement, and I had a whole brand new unit at my house in about a week’s time.

TLDR - Grainfather’s customer service is amazing.


J’ai un brewzilla depuis un peu plus d’un ans, environ 20 brasses super satisfait.

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Very happy with my Robobrew, it gets the job done at a reasonable price. Easily over 15 batches done with no rust on parts. I’m sure the Grainfather is great too but I didnt need the extra features.

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