Fresh Cascade for free

I just picked probably 2kg of cascade, more than I’ll be able to use myself. If anyone’s interested in picking some up for brewing this weekend or drying out for later use, hit me up! I live in the Plateau, 1038 ave Laurier E. First come first serve!


I’m currently out of town, but would be interested to pick some next week. Do you think it will still be good?

So actually the plants are not mine - I drove an hour away to pick them at a farm. I just have the picked hops. I have 1.3kg unused, that I just compressed the air out of and put in the fridge for the time being. Even though conventional wisdom says you must use fresh undried hops within 24 hours, reports from homebrewers say that either freezing or refrigerating for a week would still be fine. I can save these for you if you’d like, just let me know if you’d want them to stay refrigerated or if I should throw them in the freezer.

Also, if anyone’s tried preserving wet hops for a short amount of time, or has some knowledge to drop, I’d love to hear it!