Fermentrack parts (plus 1x iSpindel)

Hi all,

About a year ago I put up some iSpindel part packages from the excess that I had when I built mine. Around the same time I also built a Fermentrack controller (below). I have a bunch of parts/PCBs if anyone is interested.


If you want to know more about the build you can see it here, it has links to all the resources you would need to set it up. Fermentrack build – bicyclesandbrews

I have the below packages:

#1 - complete iSpindel (cost me ~$27)

#2 - Fermentrack parts (cost me ~$37)
LCD, 110V to 5V 2A switch, PCBs, RJ-45s, Wemos, plug, relays

#3 - Fermentrack parts (cost me ~$26)
LCD (not very bright), PCBs (some solder on terminals), RJ-45s, Wemos, power plug

#4 - Fermentrack parts (cost me ~$19)
PCBs, Power plug, RJ-45s, Wemos.

Happy to take what they cost me or swap for some beer etc.