I brew 10-11 gal batches and ferment in a 14gal FastFerment. It fits nicely in my fermentation fridge (a 60 bottle Danby wine cellar fridge with all the shelves removed), and is pretty convenient, but I hate the plastic ball valve at the bottom and have a hard time getting a good seal around the lid. Any recommendations for fermenters that can handle pressurised fermentations & transfers?

Qu’est-ce que tu utilises, quelles sont les points forts et faibles de ton setup de fermentation?

I ferment in 30L Sanke kegs, and I love it. I bought three of them for a song. I can pressurized ferment, pressure transfer, and fit it in my kegerator for easy cold crashing. I even on occasion stick it inside a water bath in my Robobrew for temperature control! The downsides are with cleaning and pulling samples, so there’s a bit of hassle, but for my small-footprint setup, the format works wonderfully for me.

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Hi, I have 2 of the smaller version on the fast ferment .
I had issues with the lid seal until
I shimmed it down to make it straight. Flip yours around on a flat surface and se if it wobbles. Mine did. I sanded the upper part until it would’t wobble Anymore. And voilà. It was a good 1/8 inch off of level.

I never had issues with the collection ball as I user the Téflon tape and Oaties plumbing paste…

Absolutely, I use one of those vino spray arms to clean mine, and religious adherence to oxyclean soaks

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Thanks for the tip @Robert. I’ll check and see if the top of my FastFerment is misshapen.
I’ve used teflon for the threads, and that’s fine (though it took some serious tightening to get it properly sealed). What concerns me more is the disk that holds the ball valve in place coming loose. It happened once (my second brew with it) and about a gallon and half of IPA dumped onto the floor of my basement in the 15 or so seconds it took me to plug it. Now I’m very cautious when removing the collection ball to avoid another disastrous spill. I find it difficult to open & close the valve, in part because I’ve tightened that disk preventatively.

This stuff has done magic in sealing my threaded connections. You can purchase where plunbing supplies are sold. It’s a bit messy but it seals very good… use only what is needed to cover threads and wipe off the excess.