Ferment in corny kegs

Hey guys!

Anyone here fermenting in corny kegs?

If so, what is your setup?

Batch size?
How do tou manage foam and krausen?


I ferment in a 5gal corny keg. I typically do 10L batches so I don’t have a problem with krausen and lack of space. I cut the dip tube by an inch so that it wouldn’t suck up too much trub after fermentation. For airlock, I just attach a gas post with a tube as a blowoff. In the future I want to use a spunding valve so I can start capturing the CO2 to carb the beer before kegging. For transferring, I have a liquid to liquid post hose with screw on so I can dumb the trub that it sucks up and get a hydrometer sample.

Transfer set up. Just need to purge the serving keg while transferring to release built up pressure. Alternatively you can attach a spunding valve

That was the left over krausen from using Verdant IPA yeast which as everyone noted, krausened more than normal. it was maybe 2ish inches. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the krausen next time I brew to compare

Thanks so much for your reply Tristan! I am curious to see the « krausen height » of another strain too!

Take care!

Fermentation residue in a keg using hornindal

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