Favourite IPA yeast strain

Hey all, I was wondering what everyone’s “go-to” or favourite yeast strain for IPAs? Perhaps you have favourites for various sub-genres of IPA as well?

I used to be a big US-05 and Nottingham user myself when I was going for the West Coast IPAs. For hazies, I am in the fence still but leaning towards the Vermont Ale these days.

I always rely on Wyeast 1318 London ale III for NEIPA’s but I would very much be interested in trying a dry yeast alternative (Lallemand New England, Fermentis S-33, etc) any recommendations?

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Depuis cet été, j’ai commencé à utiliser la Cali Ale de Escarpment Labs et j’ai bien aimé le résultat de ma IPA :

Le krausen que ca fait, ouff. un bon 3-4 pouces dans mon brewbucket de 7 gallons :slight_smile:

I’ve been using s04 or us05 since I tend to stick to dry yeasts due and it’s cheap

S04, and I really do enjoy the 1098…it is a beautiful strain!

I’m also a big S-04 fan, but my favorite for anything non-West Coast would be A62 Bell’s House Yeast from Imperial (or a commercial bottle) but it’s pretty hard to get up here.