Fastest Brett

Hi folks,

Any suggestions on how an impatient person (or maybe someone with only 1 fermenter) can get some Brett character in their beer? Which strain expresses itself the quickest?


I would suggest to that person to add the dregs from an Orval bottle (or two - and drink the beer) at bottling in a 20 liter batch.

Beware: the beer has to be fermented with a diastatic yeast (or using glucoamylase in the mash) otherwise the Brettanomyces will take care of the residual dextrines and create bottle bombs.

I’ve done that before and it works very well. You turn around your fermenter at a normal pace and let the beer age in bottles for at least a month.

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I like that idea, and not only because it gives me an excuse to drink Orval. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in a 100% Brett primary strain, is there anything that finishes under a month? Brett M from Escarpment claims “develops funky and fruity flavours quickly” but doesn’t specify any timeframe and also says it’s only available for in secondary-size pitches so I’m assuming “quicky” is relative to normal Brett slowness. I should contact them about it.

You should definitely contact Escarpment. They’ve been very responsive with my questions.

As for 100% Brett beer, I do not have such experience myself. With some quick Google foo, I found this blog post which reports complete attenuation in 6 weeks using Brettanomyces bruxellensis.