F/S Barley Crusher Grain Mill

I have upgraded my grain mill and my tried and trusted Barley Crusher needs a new home.

$50 or best offer.

Hey Mike! So I’ve just won a bag of malt, and I think finally it’s time to get a mill. If no one else has taken it, I’d love to grab it for $50! Just let me know.


All yours James. We’ll coordinate off list to figure out logistics.

Hi Mike!

I’m just curious, I have the same grain mill since 4-5 years now and still work perfectly, what did you buy to replace it?

@GuillaumeLeplang I replaced it with a Millmaster.

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Ok ok, that’s the next level, thanks Mike!

@Treasurer (Mike!) how are you liking the MillMaster? My cheap no-name mill is what I suspect is causing my efficiency to be a little all over the place…

I read 3 rollers are better than 2… is that negated with the MillMaster? Expensive shipping…

So far I’m loving it. Gives a consistent crush. The thing is quite heavy so not the cheapest to ship. Also not the best time to ship stuff as rates are insane right now.

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