Escarpment: dry belgian ale

Si vous cherchez une levure avec une extrême attenuation, la dry belgian ale d’escarpment c’est puissant:

J’ai fait une triple qui a commencé à 1.086 et fini a 1.002. 11% d’alcool, 97.5% d’atténuations!!
J’ai fermenté à 22c une semaine, 24c 5 jours et 26c deux jours.

Je vais cold crash 3-4 semaines et voir quel goût la levure va avoir développé.



Did you take any tasting notes from your F.G. sample? I’m assuming the alcohol level was higher than you expected, but did everything else seem within normal bounds for a tripel?

Also, does anyone know if any local homebrew shops carry it?

It’s the first time I’m doing a tripel so I can’t compare. The taste at 1.008 was weird (some fusel alcool and cidery), but it seems better now a few days later and at 1.002. But I tasted the sample I took to read gravity and it was at 26c. I would say that any beer tastes funny at 26c :slight_smile:.
I am going to taste it again after cold crash, but before full conditioning.

Stephane from choppe a barrock ordered it for me. I just asked him and he got it a few days later. He’s awesome.

I’ll second the vote for Stephane/Choppe - he has gone out of his way for me more than once and always provides great service.

Side note: Not to be a second-guesser, but are you sure it’s done at 1.002? That gravity pic looks like it could still have a decent bit of yeast in suspension. Could be something else in suspension, could be odd lighting for the pic, could just be a poor flocculator, could be just me…?

Hum, good point, I never thought that yeast in suspension could affect gravity reading, but would it not increase gravity, not reduce it?

I didn’t cold crash right away, I’ll see if it still moves. That yeast is very low floculation so I assume there is a lot of yeast in suspension.

I don’t doubt your measurement at all. If anything, if it were me, I’d worry that the yeast were potentially still working and I’d give them a few more days to finish whatever they’re doing (just in case) before forcing a trub-nap. It’s probably being over-cautious, but what’s a couple days added onto on 3-4 weeks of conditioning?

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For what it’s worth, Escarpment said on their site that they’ll ship to homebrewers if you order a minimum of 5 packs of yeast, mix & match. Pretty tempting.

I waited a week and it’s now at 1.001 (temp corrected). We’ll see how it turns out after a month at 4c.


I’m excited. Keep us updated on how it turns out!

Ok, so first tasting with friends and familly and the consensus is that it is very drinkable, not too hot (although it’s 10%) and that there is something in common with the passion fruit juice by oasis. I am still not sure if this is good or bad, but my partner (who dislike beer) really liked it!

Let’s see in a couple more weeks, but is dangerously easy to drink.