Duotight Fittings

Hello all,

Been a long time since I’ve posted, and even longer since I’ve brewed. I’m finally getting some time to rediscover the hobby and need to pick up some new beer and gas lines. I came across Duotight fittings on OBK and wanted to get an honest opinion of them if anyone’s used them.



They’re ok. Easy to assemble and take apart because of the quick connect fittings. The more fittings you use, the more chances of gas leaks. Gotta make sure you push them in well or they’ll leak. No real complaints so far

I’m curious as well. @memberatlarge do you have experience with the inline regulators? I am worried it may be a bad option, considering the (single) review on the product page (TL;DR: poor stability and accuracy).

No experience but I wanted to try them since we have 2 sitting on a shelf at work. Been using these(Micro Matic, Mini 1-Way Secondary CO2 Regulator - 45PSI). They work but you can’t lock into a super precise value since they lock on every 2psi about