Dry January / Hop Water Recommendations?

Hi everyone. I’m planning on doing Dry January for the first time this year and wanted to throw the idea out to the group. Basically you take a month off of drinking to re-evaluate your relationship to alcohol (maybe now’s a good time to brew and lager it for 31 days). If anyone is interested in talking about it or looking for support while doing it, send me a note at marc.guay@gmail.com.

Also, relatedly, can anyone recommend a commercial hop water that is available in Montreal? :slight_smile:


Hey Marc, I think that’s a good commitment for January! Personally, I know a dry spell would be doable, but not necessarily reaching the expected goal. I already don’t drink every week I’m on call at the hospital, but from what I read from some other members here, not drinking from Monday to Wednesday might be a more ‘durable’ solution (for me at least!). I cannot recommend any commercial hop waters, but I do love the NA IPA Découverte from Bockale. I’m thinking about trying to ‘brew’ a hop water with Galaxy/Motueka/Nectaron and see where it leads. Have a good dry January and keep us posted!

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