Cold crashing

Is it possible to dry hop using loose pellets in the fermenter and yet avoid hop particles transferred in the keg? I say yes, after a few days of cold crash. What is your dry hop technique?

I recently cold crashed a 11gal (in the fermenter) batch of pale ale with around 100g of dry hops tossed in. There was a significant drop in how much hops ended up in my kegs relative to a previous batch that I didn’t cold crash.
My concern was with oxygen pickup as the liquid cooled from 20C to 4C. My hope was that the limited amount of air that would enter through the airlock would simply sit atop the CO2 blanket created by the fermentation. Any evidence that this is the case? Should I be more concerned about oxygen while cold crashing? Would my session pale ale be that much tastier if I had handled this differently?

I’m afraid that you are right to be concerned. Chances are air will mix with CO2 in the space above the beer and some oxydation will take place, especially if the said beer is a NEIPA. I have been using a CO2 filled balloon connected to the top of the fermenter to avoid any air ingress during cold crash and haven’t observed any oxydation ever since.

I have been cold crashing for about 5 year now and have Never had any oxydation issues what so ever. Mine you, I use à fast ferment conical that leaves me a good 5 liter headspace that I usually purge with co2 to avoir these issues. Even if some air gets in my projective co2 blanket is enough to keep my beer protecteur I believe. Issues might be différent with smiller vessels.

MĂŞme avec des NEIPA?

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Oui, tout à fait. Ma dernière recette ressemblait à ceci… De souvenir c’était après 1 mois en keg.

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Ok, c’est convaincant!

Phew. Bonne nouvelle que je n’ai pas besoin de retravailler mon setup.

J’utilise aussi un FastFerment (format 14gal). Je le trouve un peu frustrant. La valve en plastique et le couvercle ne sont pas bien construits. Je considère toujours l’achat d’un fermenteur en acier inox qui permet la fermentation et les transferts sous pression. Pour l’instant, le budget n’est pas disponible.