CO2 Fills


I am new to the kegging game…would anyone know of a place that fills SodaStream bottles? I tried Guard-X, Global and Messer, but all said no…

Or has anyone had experience using paintball CO2 containers to homebrew (with food grade CO2 of course)

Or are there any tips for a mini keg set up for CO2?

Thank you

La cachette du bootlegger in Baie-D’Urfe seems to do it as per their website!

“We fill Soda S. type Co2 cylinders.”


I did use paintball canisters for while with a mini regulator designed for use with hydraulic tools, such as a nail gun.

(JacPac J-6901-91 Portable Compressed CO2 Pneumatic Regulator Kit [Misc.] [Misc.]: Patio, Lawn & Garden)

It worked great but from time to time, the rubber O ring on the CO2 would give out and I would lose all my CO2 as soon as I connected the bottle to it.

When it worked, it worked great but I got a little frustrated with it after a while. I was even able to refill the paintball canisters myself off my 20lb tank.

If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to sell you the regulator and the tanks (I think I have 3) and you could give it a shot. I rarely bring kegs anywhere anymore and when I do, I just bring a full 20 liter keg and a 20 lb CO2 tank. But I must admit, the 10 liter keg with that little regulator was great for parties.


Le Brasseur in Delson fills Soda Stream bottles. You must bring it frozen though or you need to leave it there and come back on the next day (he will put it in is own freezer). Cost is around 11-12$ + tx if my memory is good!

Thank you for the offer Denis, but my trouble is also finding a place that will refill the paintball canisters…

Is there a best option for 2.5L CO2 tanks in the city? Global is close to me I think, but has anyone tried Praxair?

If you get the right adapter (like I did) you can fill your own off your 20lb tank.