I do appreciate how microbreweries give credit and support their humble origins.

Hey thanks for sharing this find! I know one of the reasons I got into homebrewing was to be able to try or taste something similar to the hard-to-find beers I couldn’t get in my area (Pliny the Elder, I’m looking at you!). Clone recipes are also a great way to step out of your brewing comfort zone without worrying too much about going way off the map flavor-wise.

If anyone is looking for QC/Canada commercial brews, BaronMag has been publishing a yearly recipe book for the past few year with the likes of Noctem, Boreale, Avant-Garde, Kahnawake, etc. all contributing a recipe or two. I’ve got the 2018 version in front of me and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the 2019 version around here somewhere as well if anyone is interested in borrowing it.


Wow, merci du tuyau!

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Thanks, Kurt. I totally forgot about the BaronMag recipe book until Sam posted. They have a new one for 2020 here RB & IB 2020 - Baron Mag.

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Is there the Nord Est from Boreale recipe?

Here is the recipe list from baron mag 2020.
Cheers !

Here is the recipe list from 2019 BM

and 2018…

I don’t have the Nord Est recipe in the '18 or '19 versions

NEIPA Nord-Est IPA - All Grain American IPA Homebrew Beer Recipe - Brewer’s Friend


Thank you…have you tried to brew this? Any idea if it is close?

Also, Leo from BaronMag posted this on our Facebook page yesterday (TLDR, the new pdf version is out for this year!):

Le Format #PDF (5$) de Recettes de bières et Industrie brassicole 2020 x est disponible | Voici la liste des brasseries participantes : 5e Baron ,Brasseux d’la Côte, À La Dérive Brasserie Artisanale 11 comtés , Microbrasserie St-Pancrace,Microbrasserie du Lac-St-Jean, Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc…, LTM - Les Trois Mousquetaires microbrasseurs, Microbrasserie Labrosse , Matera Brasseurs/ HELM microbrasserie sur Bernard, Ferme du Tarieu brasserie & distillerie , Bob Magnale , Borg Brugghús(Islande), Louks Brewery, O’Creek Brewing Company, Robin - Bière Naturelle , Echo Session Ales / Boswell Brasserie Artisanale , MonsRegius bières artisanales / BENELUX brasserie artisanale, Brasserie du Bois Blanc, Lagabière ,Barbe Rouge brasseur itinérant,Bière Boréale, L’Espace Public - Brasseurs de quartier / Blood Brothers Brewing , Microbrasserie 4 Origines / Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs, Microbrasserie l’Hermite / Boire Grand - William J. Walter Saucissier Ahuntsic , Brasserie Mille-Îles / Microbrasserie Ruisseau Noir, Microbrasserie Le Temps d’une Pinte/Ras L’Bock, Overhop Canada / Le Clan des Brasseurs , Brasserie artisanale Gallicus/Épitaphe, La Ferme - Brasserie rurale —>>>

The #PDF Format ($ 5) of Beer Recipes and Brewing Industry 2020 x is available | Here is the list of participating brews: 5th Baron, Brasseux d ’ Cte, À La Drift Handcrafted Brasserie 11 counties, Microbrewerie St-Pancrace, Microbrewerie du Lac-St-Jean, Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc…, LTM - Les Trois Musketeers, Microbrewerie Labrosse, Matera Brewers / HELM microbrewerie on Bernard, Ferme du Tarieu brewery & distillery, Bob Magnale, Borg Bruggh ús (Iceland), Louks Brewery, O ’ Creek Brewing Company, Robin - Natural Beer, Echo Session Ales / Boswell Artisan Brasserie, MonsRegius craft beer / BENELUX craft beer, Leo from BaronMag posted this to our facebook:
Brasserie du Bois Blanc, Lagabière, Red Beard Travelling Brewer, Boreal Beer, L ‘Espace Public - Neighborhood Brewers / Blood Brothers Brewing, Microbrewerie 4 Origins / Avant-Garde Artisans Brewers, Microbrewerie L’ Hermit / Drinker Grand - William J. Walter Saucissier Ahuntsic, Thousand Island Brasserie / Microbrewery Black Creek, Microbrewery Pint Time / Ras L ’ Bock, Overhop Canada / The Clan of Brewers, Gallicus Handcrafted Brasserie / Epitaphe, The Farm - Rural Brasserie — >>>

Actually I didn’t read close enough… that is the 2020 version that Marc posted above. But still at $5 for the pdf, which I missed before.

If you could send me the recipe for 42&2 from Bois Blanc, I’d be happy!


Done ! check your inbox

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