Cleaning vinyl tubing

Hi folks,

Is there a tool that’s safe to use for cleaning vinyl tubing? I imagine a brush would scratch the plastic but I see products online meant to clean beer lines, has anyone tried them with good results?


I’m using a stainless steel thread where I put some scott towel (soak in PBW) at the end to scrap the inside of the tube and it came out brown sometime. That confirms it was dirty :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric. Any chance I could get a photo or a link to the stainless steel thread? How do you attach the paper towel to it?

Twisting a wet small piece of scott paper arpund it :

Beauty, thanks. No problems with the pointy end scratching the plastic?

I make sure it’s straight to not touch the surface

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I’ve been using an alkaline beer line cleaner that Moût sells. No need to scrub and it seems to do a really good job. If the lines get to the point where they need to be scrubbed on the inside, I just toss them and replace them. I bought a big roll of that stuff a few years ago.