Citra Group Buy / Achat groupé Citra

Où en sommes nous avec cet achat ?

Google Doc - Citra Group Buy

Seulement 7 personnes ont payés. Prix : $30 la livre.

S.V.P. payé votre part. Faites un virement interact à

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Oh didn’t realize we were at this step yet - payment sent!

The hops have been delivered last week. I picked up a few days ago. Drew told me he sent messages, but I don’t know anyone that got them.

PS he will accept payment on site, or he did for me anyway.


Is someone taking hops for people living in Montreal and don’t have a car to go to the brewery?

I can do that. I’m planning on heading out tomorrow morning (assuming I can confirm someone will be there). Anyone that wants me to pick up for them and bring back to the Island, let me know with a direct message or email (

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Sorry, I sent a couple of emails to but it doesn’t seem like everyone gets them. They were ready last week. Payment can be sent via e-transfer to or you can pay by cash/debit/credit upon pick up.

Some people may have unsubscribed from the “liste” once the forum went live.

I did not unsubscribed and I didn’t receive it. Maybe the admin cleared the list ?

Hi Drew

Payment sent, Sam should be picking mine up today. Thanks again!

By the way the Alpha Acid % is 13.5
This the Citra 2019 harvest

Thanks Drew and thanks for putting the group order together.


Who is missing their Citra order?

I still have 3lbs extra in my deep freezer in Villeray that I got when I made the trip to Kahnawake… One for @TheRev (unless you got yours from Drew), and two more up for grabs.

Update: All extra pounds have been claimed

Yo Sam one of those lbs is mine right?

Yeah, I have yours sitting in the freezer as well. Stop by any time. ORRRRRR… now that it’s cold out, I could just pass by on a walk and chuck it at your door paper-boy style. You know, to get some exercise and really embrace the social distancing of this holiday season. Let me know!

Haha either way works for me! Hopefully I can get a brew in over the break

S’il y a une livre “de trop”, ça m’intéresserait.

Unfortunately, the last of the “extra” lbs was picked up Sunday. Sorry for not updating the list sooner.

Malheureusement, le dernier des lbs “supplémentaires” a été ramassé dimanche. Désolé de ne pas avoir mis à jour la liste plus tôt

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