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Hello. I use the immersion chiller that came with the Robobrew and the hose kit that came with it through OBK. I changed the original clamps because they were crap and have tried different ones, but I still get a water leak once in a while with the tube that leads into the chiller. I use the vinyl tubing that came with the kit from OBK. I would love to hear you guys on three things:

  1. is there a kind of clamp that you have found that works best?
  2. Is this Grainfather chiller hose clamp (Grainfather - Replacement Chiller Hose Clamp – BrewHQ) compatible with the Robobrew chiller (1/2’’ ID x 5/8’’ OD)? I am inclined to think that that clamp would be better than most, but surprisingly I do not see any dimensions for the clamp (it says it is a replacement clamp for the chiller of the Grainfather, so they figure you don’t need to know the dimensions)
  3. do you think part of the problem is the hose and if so, is there a better kind of hose than vinyl? I was told that silicone isn’t great for that use. I personally tend to blame the clamps more than the hose, which I cut regularly because it takes some damage from the heat and the clamps. Sometimes when I cut the hose, I will get a run without a leak, but not always.
    Other thoughts about this? I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a better set of fittings out there. I guess people just get sick of this and get an inversion wort chiller? I kind of like the immersion for a quick drop in temperature of the whole wort, but I know the total time gets cut with an inversion. I would prefer to buy clamps and a hose rather than a new chiller.
    Thanks a bunch!

Is there a smaller diameter vinyl hose that you could heat up in very hot water and then stretch over your chiller pipes (in addition to the clamp, obviously)?
Another thought is to put two hose clamps and/or the widest clamp you can find. They’re dirt cheap at the hardware store.

I use 1/2" silicone tubing with the immersion chiller since the water get super hot, vinyl is no good for hot liquid imo.
Hardware store clamp like Kurth suggest work great with 1/2" silicone tubing, I had these before upgrading to camlock.

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Thanks for the idea. I actually have tried 2 (and even 3) clamps, but I think the problem is probably the vinyl, as the next suggestion says. I will try silicone, and then I will try a tighter vinyl and heat it as you say.

Thanks for the idea. Yeah, I am inclined to think silicone might do the trick. I also really like your idea of upgrading to the camlock. I have worked with camlock for other stuff, obviously the Robobrew pump, but not only, and they are great, but I am always a little confused with the fittings. For example, here the camlock you propose on OBK attaches to the chiller on one side, and then the other side is a male camlock, but the only other camlock I see on OBK that can attach to the hose (female garden hose type A Stainless Steel Camlock Type A - Male Camlock x 3/4" Female Garden Hose Fitting) is also male camlock on the other side. Does that mean I need an adapter to join the two male camlocks or is there a female garden hose that is also a female camlock that I haven’t seen? Thanks again for your suggestions.

The vinyl is probably the problem, if it’s not super tight (smaller diameter, with boiling) it could leak even with clamp. I’ve experience this with close transfer equipment that wasn’t size properly. It’s kind of a permanent setup and cannot be removed easily after.

That can probably do the trick : Immersion garden hose kit

I don’t think there is camlock female adapter for garden hose. I use 2x male camlock with 1/2" silicone tubing that is plug directly to the water outlet.

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Thanks for your thoughts! Nice set-up you got. I think I am going to go both for the camlock and the silicone tube. Remède de cheval ! Cheers!

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