Chicago breweries

A friend of mine recently moved to Chicago and said he’s having trouble finding good local breweries - any recommendations?

Whaaat? In Chicago?? There’s plenty of craft beer and brewpubs; most if not all are excellent.

He should go to the Goose Island tap room. They have a lot of really great stuff there including their KBS (Kentucky Bourbon Stout) line which is fabulous.


Yeah I was surprised too. He’s coming from California, though, so maybe he’s been spoiled, or Chicago doesn’t excel at the styles of beer he’s into (mostly sours and NEIPA I think)?

Trust me, you’ll find everything to please a beer geek in Chicago. After all, it’s home to the world renowned Siebel Brewing Institute! :blush:

That’s what I told him! But he still said he tried a bunch of places and only enjoyed More Brewing Company so far, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Off Color, Old Irving, Hop Butcher, Revolution… Or for beer bars Hop Leaf, Map Room, Monk’s Pub

Or give a listen here…Beer Travelers: Chicago with Nik and Chalonda White

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Crushed by Giants was pretty cool and so was Old Irving. But like I said in a previous post the Goose Island Tap Room is excellent. They have much more than you would think.

And if you Google Maps breweries in Chicago, you’ll get a list of 30+.


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And let’s not forget 3 Floyds, just over the border in Indiana!

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