C02 Tanks, and Kegs

Selling 3 20L tanks and 2x 5lb c02 tanks

Prices? I may be interested in one of the 5lb tanks.

But if someone else wants the whole load, let them go for it.


Make me an offer! I don’t even remember what I paid for them

Did you buy them new?

yes, filled up once and barely used since

How much for a Keg ?
And where are you located ?

Is the Dual regulator on the image for sale to? :wink:

I’ll wait and see if anyone else wants it since I live in Alexandria and only come into Montreal occasionally.

I already have a 5lb tank and this would be a “nice to have” back up just in case I run out during a party or gathering, so I’m not desperate for it. :slight_smile:

I’m in laval des rapides

yeah, the outside reader is busted though, it works just fine, however

If Vincent passes on the Dual regulator, I’m interested. Thanks!


kegs were $140 each, happy to let them go for 90, they were all used max 3 times, 5 GAL