Bulk Hops! Mosaic & Centennial

Hi! On a bit of a whim, I bought 5kg of Mosaic and 5kg of Centennial from a special promotion at Toronto Brewing, hoping to offload some of it at cost to anyone interested. The prices are:
Centennial: $14 / kg
Mosaic: $24 / kg

I’ll divide it up into increments of 500g if you wouldn’t want to buy a whole kilo. Pick up in the Plateau, or we’ll work something out. Any takers?


I’ll take a kilo of Centennial! Underrated hop for hoppy Saison.

Ok great! One complication is that I’m leaving Tuesday for 3 weeks in Romania. So would you want them this weekend? I could probably manage to swing by and drop them off if you’d like.

Hey James,
I could grab 500g of Mosaic. You can leave it with norm whenever you guys meet (if Norm is ok with that :slight_smile: )

Sure thing! I’ll ask Norm, I’m sure he’d be fine with that. You can interac me at kappykirk@gmail.com. Thanks!

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