Brewzilla Condenser Lid

Anyone using the condenser lid and experience this?

Hops overflowed right out of the hop spider from what I imagine was hot break (even though I waited for it to subside before putting lid on). I don’t have a sight-glass on my lid so I didn’t see it until it was too late.

Going to switch to a hop-bag for next time.

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Yes twice. The problem is when you put the graintfather at 212 there is no more control, it’s as if you put the element at Hi all the time. The solution is to put a 2nd element with a control on the power. This way you control your roll boil.

I have a Brewzilla with dual element. I will search to see if anyone has done a retrofit potentiometer on the 1000w element. that or Fermcap

Fermcap and potentiometer

I personally always use Fermcap. Saved me from numerous potential headaches and will still save me in the future. Three drops in a 20-25 litres batch once I’m done sparging and never had a boil over.

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Same here. It is pretty amazing stuff. Even encourages better head retention in the finished beer. I didn’t used to use it at all, but it’s cool to be able to boil insane amounts and be calm enough to take pictures even though I should be absolutely terrified.


Nice set-up but I’m not ready to modify my Brewzilla just yet. I’ll try the Fermcap first,