Brewtroller / brewery control

Hi there, a few years back, I built a control panel based on Brewtroller (to my sad realization, a discontinued project) with an arduino at the center I believe.

I’m wondering what to (if I eventually reconfigure it) should I pivot to?

I have seen multiple builds based on brewpi and a few others.


Wow, no response after a few days.

After another pass, it seems like the craftbeerpi would potentially work. I would bypass the arduino/sanguino board and reconnect the ssr and temperature sensors to the gpio ports.

Curious if anyone here cared to open the grainfather and robobrew controllers to see from what chip they are working with.


I had my GF opened up just the other day, but didn’t think to look. I will take a look the next chance I get and let you know.

@Johnny911 I haven’t seen anything using an Arduino other than BruControl. I’m actually thinking of taking the plunge on this one. Yes its a paid software, but at least it is maintained and there is actual support.

I think CraftBeerPi 3 is pretty stale and not maintained as much. It is hard to get any support from the developper. I have built one for a friend and it works, but can be very temperamental and buggy. I see version 4 is in development, but have no experience with it. Otherwise, there is not much else out there for the DIYer :frowning:

Thanks Mike, from the short research I have done, I have discovered a few using some arduino components in addition to BruControl that I was unaware of.

I think Fermentrack works with a few Arduino controllers, namely the ESP8266
Most of the BrewPi builds are interacting with the same Arduino Yun model
I think that is fair but I am not really interested to buy their specific BrewPi Spark modules.

I was able to find my printed copy and a digital copy of the BrewTroller 4.0 User guide via a facebook user group

Also found this on github but neither of these match my paper copy.

Really sad when technology dev is abandoned along the way.


Are you trying to control your Brewhouse, fermentation, or both?

Hi Mike, I would say mainly the brewhouse.
I have a stc-1000 setup for my keezer and mostly brew ales so my unfinished basement does a decent job keeping the surrounding temps in the right range. Planning to add iSpindels to monitor those, without fridge control.
I don’t know yet if I will stick with Fermentrack for that or with Brewbench monitor (mobile app) for a local/cloud data storage.


Sorry for the long delay on reply, but I had my GF controller open the other day and took a look at the chip. It seems to be an ARM Cortex-MO (STM32F030-RBT6). To be clear, this is on the older model GF (roughly 3-4 years old) and the controller has been updated since then, at least the power distribution.
See the pic below