Brewing on an induction cooktop

Hey there,
Does anyone here use an induction stovetop for boiling?
I am changing my set-up and I won’t be able to boil in my kitchen anymore. The article linked below convinced me to try induction brewing, so I am now looking for a decent model to buy.
Any recommandations for a 10g kettle?

I have this model : image

See my nice blichman pump in the background?

Back to the the induction cooktop. It,s a Salton 1800W and to be honest, i don’t think i would brew a 10 gal batch on it. In fact, i’m sure I wouldn’t, not powerful enough.

I use it mainly to do a mashout using decoction method, I bring about 2 - 3 gal of mash to a boil and it takes forever (at least 20 min).

You could try a 5 gal batch but I definitely don’t recommend it for a 10 gal batch.


I remember looking into portable induction cooktops a couple years back and from memory your max capacity that you can bring to a boil is about 4-5 gal and you might need to insulate your kettle to get there. Not to mention it will take quite some time to get to boiling temps. Didn’t seem like a great option for me personally but I’ve heard of people using them for smaller sized batches.

I remember seeing somewhere people using this 3500w induction burner with some success.

I guess that should work better, providing you have 220V supply. And I also wonder if it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the 10 gal kettle full of wort. Might need some supplemental structural weight support. Anyone out there using this type of cooktop ?

Hmm sadly 220V isn’t an option for me either.
If 1800 won’t cut it, I’ll have to try insulation + using an immersion heating rod and see where that goes.

Otherwise I’ll just stick to small batches until I figure something out

So little update.
Using an induction plate only definitely didn’t work, as all of you had guessed. When using a 1600W immersion heating rod in addition, I got a pretty vigorous boil and very fast heating times.

Still I wasn’t very comfortable with that set up, so I basically just returned eveything and ordered myself an Anvil all-in-one system…Figured that I spend enough time brewing to deserve a nice upgrade!