Brewing gear for sale

selling my brewing gear - update.

HI folks - quite a bit of stuff has gone at this point but there are some decent bits left. Quick note on the HLT and boiler - both these are actually quite nice and I would love them to go to a good home seeing what a pain they were to build!

at a quick glance…

March pump with brass head (2) $100 each
giant hop spider fits a 10 gallon keg quite well, ideal for whirlpooling - $75
HLT with HERMS coil installed - $120
Mash tun (keg) $40
Boiler with thermosyphon (physically cannot boil-over due to the thermosyphon) $120
Ball lock kegs (7) $90 each.
keezer with collar - $150
5 tap cobra style draft tower with 4 flow control taps and nitro tap. insulated 5 beverage line included - $400
20 lb CO2 tanks (2) $75 each

Let me know if anyone is interested.