Brewer's Olympics ideas

Tara mentioned at the AGM she wanted to organize a Brewer’s Olympics and I can’t get the ideas out of my head so I wanted to jot them here to get the events to take shape. So far in my head I have:

  1. Blind measurement. For example, can you pour 1kg of grain, 50g of hops, and 2g of salts without seeing the scale? How close?

  2. Name that ingredient. Rub a hop, taste some grain, drink a salt adjusted water. Can you name the ingredients?

  3. Reverse engineer a beer. Given a sample of a SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer, can you guess the malt, hop, and yeast? What is the carbonation level? abv? FG?

I also know @crash_alt also mentioned a grain bag carrying competition.

What are other ideas??


Here are some of the ideas Tara and I have noted:

  • Hand mill grain
  • Tri-Clamp assembly (build a sculpture)
  • Grain bag race (ala potato sack race)
  • Grain sack carry
  • Beer math
  • Hop ID by smell/taste
  • Washers/Sandbags ( To get each ingredient to make a beer)
  • Silicone tube animals
  • Name that brewery from logo piece
  • Dress in oversized PPE and “mix” chemicals
  • Keg refurbishment
  • Red solo Cup obstacle course (don’t spill your beer)
  • Mash paddle mini putt
  • Rice hull & grain art (other ingredients could work)
  • Name that BJCP category from #
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  • Relay race for ingredients
  • Bottle filling: quickest to fill a dozen bottles to right level, with beer or carbonated water, without spilling any.

Mash temp target pratice!

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