Breewing over a cup of beer

Good day to everyone.I would like to come to visit someone))) but not just like that … I want to take part in home brewing and (no matter how stupid it sounds) to exchange experience in home brewing. what I like? hopped beers, stouts, strong beers and wild experiments. If you are interested and ready, I will answer all your questions! I don’t have a car yet, so preferably not far from the Papineau metro (well, at least an hour away by public transport). I promise a pleasant conversation in bad English and of course beer))) free on weekends, except this Sunday. I will be very glad to meet you!

Hi Babayka,
I love your idea, I would also love to come to visit someone’s and brew (Didn’t this club use to do that and/or is for that). I live in the west Island but I have a car. I brew mostly IPA but open to anything.
My English is fine (well maybe you should ask my wife about that :wink: but my french is better lol).
The thing is my kegerator is already quite full so maybe Ill simply invite you in a few months when I’ll get dry.


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