Books for sale!

*** All books are now spoken for ***

Hi everyone,

Been out of the loop for a while now, so hello to all those I haven’t seen since leaving the hobby. I’ve been adjusting to life living with a partner with celiac disease, and despite my initial fears… life isn’t so bad without beer :wink:

Clearing out the bookshelf so here’s what’s available:

“Brewing Local” by Stan Hieronymous
“Designing Great Beers” by Ray Daniels
“For the love of hops” by Stan Hieronymous
“Malt” by John Mallett
“Yeast” by Jamel Zainasheff
“Water” by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski
“Farmhouse Ales” by Phil Markowski
“Barley Wine” by Fal Allen and Dick Cantwell.

The above books are all in great condition. Asking for 10 bucks each. I also have well loved (read: well worn) copy American Sour Beers I’d like pass on for free. Fair warning, it’s not in good shape lol! I live in the Sud-Ouest, shoot me an email at if you’re interested.

Jeff Miller


Hey Jeff, sorry to hear about your loss. You can still brew gluten-free beers, cider, kombucha!? I already have the books in your list that interest me, hopefully somebody else will snap em up. If not I suspect Encore Books in NDG would give you a decent price for them.

Hey Marc! I never picked up a taste for either cider or kombucha though I am hanging on to enough equipment to try my hand at smaller batches of GF beers one day. I may need some tips for stovetop brewing from you when that day comes, lol. After going without beer for a while due to our initial fears of cross-contamination, I started buying some commercial brews now and then which has been fun. Haven’t had the urge to get back into homebrewing yet.

Are you in need of more bottles? I’m clearing out some space and have a lot to give away… I’ll make a new post with the details.

I’d like to attend some club events again when things return to normal. Hope to see you then!

I’ve got a ton of bottles, thanks for thinking of me, though! If you want to try “water kefir” which is a fun way to make flavoured soda-type beverages (ginger, vanilla, dried cherries, anything you like really), I have a bunch of extra grains I could share.