Best Homebrew Shops MTL

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Curious where everyone buys their supplies. I’m a new brewer, only been brewing for the past 2.5 years and have been exclusively shopping at La Choppe a Barrock, since it’s closest to me and I don’t own a car. Great store and the owner is super friendly and knowledgeable, but I do find its often limited with varieties of yeast and hops. I’d like to experiment with different types of yeast (imperial or omega yeasts, for example; often times when I ask for something like whitelabs even, it’s not available) and newer strains of hops as well, which I’m having trouble finding locally. I know I could order online but I would like to save on shipping if I can.

I also don’t own a car and order everything online. I find the shipping cost is worth it for the time and travel costs saved. Mout is offering delivery to certain parts of the island now for a small fee, but I haven’t used the service yet since it seems like you need to be available at home for a long period on Saturdays and I find it annoying to be trapped inside all day waiting.

I buy 99,9% of my stuff at Le Brasseur in Delson (South Shore). It is close to my place and I find it is important to encourage local businesses (especially in this difficult time!). It is the reason why I started brewing in the first place!

A lot of people from the club are buying from Mout (I think they sponsor the club) and swear by them.

La Cachette du Bootlegger on the West Island also does mail order right now. Another sponsor of the club and usually pretty well stocked. Small family business which I’ve been supporting for well over 20 years!


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Hi @Pig_Champion Welcome to the forum!

All the suggestions provided are great. Many of them sponsor the club and provide a discount to paying members.

Our website does have a list of resources for homebrewers that you can also check out.


I’ll add in as a great place for all the hops you want. For some reason they’re not listed in the resources page Mike linked (will be fixed shortly), but they are a club sponsor as well (log in to the member section to find the club discount). I have found their hop selection to be top notch and the delivery is quick.

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I usually go to “Le brasseur” à Delson. Great varieties, but I found that is inventory is hard to follow, you got to email him and it’s not always 100% clear. Must say that i’m very picky and i’m satisfied with is service.

I ordered 2-3 time from Mout int. home delivery for 6$ on saturday. Mout got a lot of varieties, great price, but I found that customer service over phone and email is limited. If you go directly in store, service is great. Still, I recommend Mout int. delivery service if you have a grain mill. If you are not home, they will drop your stuff in front of your door and msg txt you. They added a bag of ice for yeast for that time I wasn’t there (late summer).

Finally, Atelier Bière et Vin à Longueuil. I started there, Richard the owner is super nice. I like him a lot. Very helpful. I try to buy stuff from him even if it’s far from home. Stock is limited compared to le brasseur and Mout Int.

Thanks everybody for all the advice and recommendations. I will check into all of these … seeing as homebrew stores aren’t really an essential service, local delivery seems pretty appealing. Also, big thanks for the link to definitely going to be placing some orders.

Nanohoublons also started carrying yeast and malt