Best CO2 Regulator

Any suggestions for the best CO2 regulator out there?

Taprite hands down. Best regulator I have ever bought.

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I’ve had good luck ordering from Chi Company for keg parts, regulator parts, connectors, etc. In fact, I’ve been ordering from them for probably a dozen years or more.

They’re located in the US but usually ship via USPS/Canada Post and any duty I’ve paid was very reasonable.

In fact, most times I order from them, I pay no duty since I usually only order small parts that are not worth the hassle of charging me GST and duty.

They have universal poppets that have worked very well for me as well as stainless steel pressure release valves that I use on most of my kegs,

The link above will bring you directly to their regulator page which has new, old and new old stock.

If you do decide to order, let me know I may add a few items. :slight_smile:


Thank you.
Now the question is 1/4 or 5/16 inch?
Denis, I will keep you in mind if I order for sure!