Beersmith recipe cloning tip

Hi folks,

If you use Beersmith and you have a batch size different from the recipe you’re cloning, just punch in the percentages as the weight of the grains (for 85% pale malt, put in 85g) and then use the Adjust Gravity tool at the top to scale it to the OG - boom, you’re done. I’ve been putzing around with adding and subtracting grains trying to balance the percetages until I just realized this is way easier.



Thinking about this some more, some recipes don’t provide percentages, I guess you could also just enter the grain weights as they appear in the original recipe and then adjust the gravity from there.

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I just found out that you can enter any measurements in the fields and it will automatically convert them for you. For example, your recipe calls for 3lbs of something but you have Beersmith configured to use metric, instead of doing math, just enter “3lb” in the field and it will do it for you. This works all over the app.