Bad beer etiquette

Is it wrong to enter a beer you know is terrible but don’t know exactly why into a competition to get a better idea of what made it so terrible?

You could. You could also just bring it a member’s meeting where there may be a few judges. Or share it with the BJCP study group and let them take a crack at it.


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I think it’s a great idea.

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Thanks guys.

Hi Marc,
DenisB suggestion makes sense however if you have no opportunity to get feedback from a BJCP judge or someone with comparable skill in identifying off flavors or aromas then it is perfectly acceptable to enter a beer in a competition for this purpose. As a competition organizer I try to remind judges that people do, in fact, enter beers for exactly this purpose and in my more than 35 years as a BJCP judge, Exam Director, etc. I know from personal experience that others have this. However if you choose not to enter but can make it by Kahnawake on June 12th when the judging is happening I’d be happy to find a time between or after judging sessions to try to provide you with some feedback.

  • Jay Hersh
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Thanks for your thoughts and kind offer, Jay. I’ve decided to enter it so watch out! :slight_smile:


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was it the “Drunk Unkle’s Unwise Beer” ?? If so… it was not a beer after all… :slight_smile:

Haha, no, it wasn’t that one but I’m surprised and happy it did well! Looking forward to reading the notes.