Aurora Brewing Challenge 2024

La registration est commencée pour la compétition Aurora Brewing Challenge à Edmonton s’il y a des intéressés ici !


J’en envoie 3

@President are we able to drop off for a group ship at KBC for this event?


Yes! We’ll be sending beers! I’ll update on timing soon

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This competition and VanBrewers are both due at the beginning of June, so make sure to get your bottles to me by May 25th (AGM!) for both competitions and we’ll get them there.

Also don’t forget to pay club shipping.

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Rappel - N’oubliez pas de payer la confirmation d’expédition une fois que vous savez combien d’inscriptions vous allez soumettre.

@President Possible to drop off at KBC today (Friday)?

Yes! Any time. If I’m not here, just let the bar staff know it’s for me