Assorted gear and ingredients for sale or free

Hi folks,

It’s my turn to tap out of the hobby. :frowning: $200 for everything except the chest freezer. Otherwise price or free is indicated but if you want to make an offer on something, or just want the gypsum, go for it.


Sad to know that you’re tapping out of the hobby! All the best in your new endeavors!

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It’s always a sad day to see someone quit homebrewing. I’m sure you have a very good reason and I respect that, but it’s sad nonetheless.

I tried to quit when I moved out to Alexandria but I missed it too much. The day will come though, at my age it’s starting to get difficult to lift full kegs or full bags of grain. It’s one of the reasons I go to the gym and work out! :smiley:

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Thanks guys. Forgot to include some pics…

Hello Marc, Do your star san still available? If so which town are you living in?

Hi Vincent. Yes, still got it, I’m in Verdun near Lasalle metro and highway 15.

Nice! My friend lives nearby and he could come by and pick them up. What time are you usually available?