Asking for a friend

Now that the title got your attention, this question is for our friends who jump the ship and got into the microbrewery adventure; I have a friend (yes I was actually serious about that) who is building a business plan to open a brewery and would like to get quote from various equipment makers.
Do you have a company you would recommend for a brewery basic equipment? Mashing tune, boilers, the like…

They are starting from scratch. Anything you can send is good!



A quick Google search gave me the following, including some local ones.

  • Dirty Pigeon Brewing Equipment
  • DME Process Systems
  • Criveller Group
  • EBR Équipements
  • GW Kent
  • MacDonald Steel HDP

Also, SS Brewtech makes nano scale equipment. There are many out there. Look on the website of the AMBQ for local partners.

Also, sometimes, breweries will expand and have their used equipment for sale. Ask around!

Keep in mind that it is much more than just the brewing equipment. Think refrigeration for fermenters, CO2 management, kegging/packaging lines etc. etc. Decent manufacturers should be able to offer support on the engineering side.

Depending on size and what he wants, blichmann also have open top brew houses(basically big homebrew set up). I know that’s what Toltèk and kahnawake’s smaller systems are.

I use GW Kent stuff at work that was bought used. They have some minor issues but I’m sure when buying new, these issues can be changed at the factory.

There also used to be someone in the club who would sell/order brew houses and fermenters from China for breweries here. Don’t recall his name but I’m sure someone will know.


I suggest you get in touch with Martin (a member of the club) at BrewHub. He has setup several breweries in Quebec including for club members who have gone pro.


I also know Sylvain at Mout makes custom systems. I’m not sure the max capacity, but I think I’ve seen up to about 3bbl in his shop.

Brewery Trader. You are welcome :blush:

Thanks everyone!

Lots of things to consider and they would rather have an all inclusive system if possible, so these will all be investigated for sure.

I love this group. I really do.

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I mean it.

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