Alcohol delivery law change

Can someone interpret this change for me - what it means in terms of ordering beer from micros?

I think it means that we can now order beers from micros, through apps like UberEats, Skip the dishes, and DoorDash, assuming the breweries and restaurants sign up. A lot of places have set up their own distribution through various changing laws over the last year (e.g. self distributing when you buy food, then without buying food, etc.), but it has been a bit of “each restaurant/bar/brewery for themselves”. This now means alcohol delivery will be more widely available.

Other bulleted random thoughts:

  • Any alcohol-selling business who hasn’t set up distribution yet will have an easier path to make that happen, hopefully meaning more businesses will survive
  • We as consumers will have the opportunity to pay restaurant prices for beer and wine without also buying food or ambiance
  • We’ll also have greater opportunity to add a nice bottle to go with a nice meal when we want
  • The prices will be bumped by the delivery company and/or you’ll pay the delivery charge
  • As with anything else that is sold through delivery apps, the restaurant will do better financially if you can use their own system and pickup the order. Support local, support your neighbors

Thanks a bunch Sam. So not exactly revolutionary. I didn’t realize that there had been a previous change that allowed restaurants to sell alcohol without food (if I’m reading you right). If that’s the case, I wonder what the difference between a resto and bar license is.

Read this last night, and it elaborates a little more clearly.

I’d suggest reading the article (not long), but the bit I find most helpful is this:

For the most part it seems to only apply to restaurants, as defined by the type of liquor license each place holds.