2x Fast Ferment 14gal fermenters for sale

Hey all,

I have two 14gal fast ferments up for sale. They’re used but in great shape. Only missing one little silicone gasket in the lid, but it’s easily replaced by a #2 rubber bung. Comes with a complete extra valve.

Here’s what you need to know about them: 14G FastFerment | FastBrewing & WineMaking

$125 each or both for $200.

Questions bienvenues.


I’m open to offers if you’re curious but find the price prohibitive. I can also give tips on using them to avoid some of my mistakes.

I’d rather they be in use somewhere since they’re no longer of use to me.

Hi Kurt, not really interested in buying as I have too many glass carbons unused at home but I’d like to know what you are replacing those with? SS conicals or something else?



Hi Pier-André,

You guessed correctly. When I picked up the fast ferment it seemed like an economical substitute for a ss conical, which I didn’t have the budget for. I had been using a hacked Sanke keg, which did the job nicely, but had its own limitations. Fast forward almost two years and it seemed like the right timing.

I haven’t used it yet, but I bought a 14gal Chronical. I’ll hopefully brew next weekend with it for the first time.