2023 GTA Brewslam

Account registration for GTA Brewslam is open.

Entry Registration Opens: Sept 7, 2023
Entry Deadline: Oct 21, 2023 , 4:00 PM
Judging Dates: Oct 27 - 29, 2023


Les inscriptions débutent à midi. 2 Entrées max et sera augmenté à 6 la semaine prochaine.

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C’est fait pour moi!

[BREW SLAM 2023 - Toronto, ON]

Entry Registration Opens: Sept 7, 2023
Entry Deadline: Oct 21, 2023, 4:00 PM
Judging Dates: Oct 27 - 29, 2023

GTA Brews is excited to announce our sixth annual, nation-wide, homebrew competition for beer, mead, and cider; Brew Slam 2023 (#BrewSlam)!

The competition has been on hiatus for years (2020-2022) due to the global pandemic and the club is so excited to finally bring the competition back for 2023! We are so thankful for the entrants and judges that reached out to us the past few years to express their desire to see the competition come back, and we can’t wait to return to building on 2019’s massive success. That competition saw 819 entries, from 281 entrants, in 9/10 provinces, judged by 77 judges, over just 3 days, making this the largest homebrew competition in Canada!

We are ecstatic to have homebrewing luminary Annie Johnson attending as our guest judge of honour (Oct 27-29) to help ring in our 6th year!

As of Sept 1st, we have already secured over $7,600 in prizes from our fabulous sponsors. We expect this will increase significantly over the next few weeks leading up to the competition. We also have a brand new medal design to present to the winners!

To make this competition a success we need as many judges and stewards as possible. Please visit our Volunteer page to learn what is involved and for instructions on how to sign up.

Don’t forget to follow GTA Brews for the latest updates!


The entry cap was increased to 6 this week. It looks like its filling up fast (already 340/500). If you want to participate make sure you get the entries registered and paid soon.

Is the club shipping entries for this competition?

Yes! Unless someone wants to make the drive…

Barring that, if you want the club to send your bottles, get them to me by Thursday, October 12th. I’ll get them the rest of the way. If you have any questions, send me a message.

You can pay the $5 buy-in here Competition Shipping - MontreAlers

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And as of now, there are 16 spots left out of 500 entries, so if you want your beers in, register and pay for them quick! Entry limit is 6

Is the link valid for ProAm too? assuming that the club is also sending entires for that one?

Yup, we’ll send there too! Let me check the dates and I will post in a new thread specifically for that.

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Super event. It was fun to see them again after 4 years hiatus.

We did well ! If I remember correctly, we got the following :

Riccardo : Gold
Albert : Silver x2
Eric : Silver x2
Sam : Bronze x2
Frank : Bronze

I have your medal/prizes and we can schedule a pick up date.


Congratulations, everybody!

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Not too shabby:



Congrats guys!!

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