2023 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Roundup registration open today


Le Club organisera un envoi, comme dans le passé. Détails à suivre.

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The club will be sending beers! If you want me to handle the packing and shipping, get your beers registered and to my house by the 9th. PM me if you need details or want to set a drop time.


Entry limit has been increased to 4 beers per competitor as of today.

Hey Sam,

Are the beers has been delivered ?

The beers are on their way! Scheduled delivery no later than Friday. Best of luck to all!


Entries are slowly being sorted. Looks like my beers made it there safely. Thanks Sam!

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Same here!

so far, so good :

wow, il y a bcq de participant! Good luck Montrealers!

Gratz to Albert and Frank for their medals!

It was a tough competition. My average score was 28 / 50 and the comments was : use more yeast, use nutrient and oxygenate which I’m doing on every brews… oh well…

@Norm my Rye IPA smell like baby vomit…

Shipping clean beer to Calgary in winter is probably not he best idea.

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Congrats Frank and Albert. I agree it was a tough competition. Good job guys!

Thanks, at least we had all the bottles make it this year! Thanks @President for shipping.
Congratulations @frank_schneidawind I imagine Belgium other was a hard category!

Thank you! Congrats on the Gueuze for Gold, @Albert! Thanks to the club for making shipping so easy once again!

Congrats you guys! Way to represent the club

Good job guys!!